NRI Home Study Radio Repairman Coarse M122

NRI Home Study Radio Repairman Coarse M122

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Apr, 24 2018

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** This Item Contains Books Not meant for TV DVD Players **


This Ninety volume home study course by the National Radio Institute was considered the best of its time in the 1940's and by far the best of our time now. This course included 90 manuals broken into two parts with over 2500 pages and offered a wide variety of information and categories. We are including a complete copy of the master Index for the entire course for you to peruse but if you have ever had an interest in repairing antique radio equipment, amplifiers, PA systems, jukeboxes or guitar amps even the early TV sets this coarse covers it all. Oh it even covers refinishing those beautiful old cabinets too!

Company History:

The National Radio Institute was founded by James E. Smith, a high school teacher, in Washington, D.C., in 1914. McGraw-Hill purchased NRI and the correspondence division of Capitol Radio Engineering Institute in 1968, hoping to make a market for their text books and unaware that most correspondence schools wrote their own lessons. The school was renamed NRI Schools, McGraw-Hill Continuing education center. James E. Smith remained as NRI chairman until his death in 1973. James' son, J Morrison Smith, succeeded as president, retiring in 1976. McGraw-Hill announced in 1999 that it would phase out NRI Schools, citing "changes in the marketplace". They ceased operation on March 31, 2002.

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