Zavayaye Makhfie Hayati (Persian Edition)

Zavayaye Makhfie Hayati (Persian Edition)

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Publisher : MTO Publications
ISBN : 1904916775
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Apr, 24 2018

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This book is a remarkable and revealing source of knowledge to dwell in, for the scientists and researchers of our modern time. The 'Hidden Angles of Life' was initially compiled as a collection of answer given by Professor Angha to the questions posed by the International Multidisciplinary Research Association. The full analysis of every question put forward resulted in a very comprehensive detailed response which covered vast branches of scientific domains amongst which neurology & neurophysiology, biochemistry, quantum & astrophysics, human magnetic, artificial intelligence, cybernetics and consciousness were considered. This precious package enables the scientists to consider solutions to many complex scientific issues which they have been faced with. The essence of the message in this communication is that the true knowledge is accessible through cognition and intuitive learning.