Well Being: Rejuvenating Recipes for the Body and Soul

Well Being: Rejuvenating Recipes for the Body and Soul

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Publisher : Chronicle Books
ISBN : 0811825930
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Apr, 24 2018

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From starting a busy day with an energizing juice boost to squeezing in a yoga class after work, rejevenating personal rituals have slowly become part of our daily lives. Luxurious beauty treatments such as aromatherapy, herbalism, and massage are no longer limited to special occasions and the day spa. Well Being takes an intimate, sensual approach to self-care, with simple recipes and ideas that will make you feel as if you're pampering yourself from the inside out. Slide your toes into an aromatic rosemary foot bath, sip a restorative pear elixer, ease dry skin with a soothing herbal balm. Just a small pantry of herbs and essential oils are needed to prepare the health and beauty recipes in Well Being. Arranged seasonally, it offers recipes for all that ails: steaming teas and cold soothers ease the winter chills, refreshing baths and mists counter the climatic fluctuations of spring, cool tonics and compresses quench summer's dry skin and sunburn. Lavishingly photographed throughout, Well Being is an irresistible volume of refreshing daily comforts that will nurture the body as well as the soul.

Amazon.com Review

Nowadays Western spa treatments go far beyond skin deep. As Eastern spa owners have known for centuries, the best way to achieve health and beauty is to offer a spa experience that cares for the whole person, not just a person's skin, nails, or weight problem. As a result, meditation classes, herbal tonics, and aromatherapy are now commonplace spa offerings. In Well Being, Barbara Close (cousin of Glenn), the founder of Naturopathica, a full-service holistic spa in East Hampton, New York, teaches readers how to bring these remarkably healing and seemingly elusive spa remedies into their daily lives.

Close starts with an inviting chapter on beginning meditation and then moves into practical discussions on how to use fresh herbs for replenishing spirits and healing the skin. She arranges her advice around the four seasons, offering ideas for cold soothing teas in the winter and homemade sunburn salves in the summer. Although this is a practical, hands-on book with very specific advice, it's also exquisitely lovely to look at. Photographer Susie Cushner offers a wide range of sensual images, such as a woman washing her hair, a still life with a cup of herbal tea, and numerous seasonal landscapes. --Gail Hudson