Understanding Addiction and Recovery Through a Child

Understanding Addiction and Recovery Through a Child's Eyes: Hope, Help, and Healing for Families

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Publisher : HCI
ISBN : 075730611X
Release Date : Nov, 01 2007

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Apr, 24 2018

Product Description

Hope and Healing for Children
Hurt by Addiction in the Family

'I have spent my adult life in the company of children who have been my teachers. We got to know each other because someone in each child's life was addicted to alcohol or other drugs.

For thirty years I have had a front-row seat in group watching, learning, and helping these youngest victims of addicted families, children who live with a legacy that can break hearts and destroy souls--one they certainly did not choose. They arrive carrying secrets, confusion, and pain. But almost all find their voice. These children can and do heal.'

Understanding Addiction and Recovery Through a Child's Eyes shares the poignant and profound healing journeys of children who have found their voice and reclaimed their sense of self-worth. Each story reminds us that children have a unique way of viewing the world and shows how, with help, they can build upon strengths and deepen their resilience in spite of living in the shadow of addiction. In addition to the life-affirming stories, esteemed children's counselor Jerry Moe reveals how the healing process transcends the children and has a dramatic impact on the entire family system--especially their parents, giving them a new, deeper commitment to break the multigenerational legacy of addiction.